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Why go vegan?

The elevator pitch for the reasons to choose a vegan diet crams several compelling points into just a few seconds. It goes something like this: 

''A vegan lifestyle prevents a tremendous amount of animal slaughter and suffering. It offers a potent way to shrink our environmental footprint, especially in regard to climate change. And a well-planned vegan diet can fuel the highest levels of fitness, while reducing our risk of various chronic diseases. Plus, the food is insanely delicious and it becomes more widely available every year.''

A short paragraph like the above is a nice start, but it doesn’t begin to do the subject justice. Indeed, getting up to speed on every important issue pertaining to veganism would require months and months of reading. You’d have to explore topics like plant-based nutrition, animal rights philosophy, and the exploitation of slaughterhouse workers. You’d also want to read up on the damage the meat industry inflicts on human health and the environment. There are a dozen other reasons why vegan diets carry great benefits, but you get the idea.

That said, you have to start somewhere. Fortunately, just a little reading about the reasons to go vegan will deliver an enormous payoff. So what I’ve set out to do here is to present the truly essential material in an essay you can finish in less than an hour. I’m confident that the information covered here will inspire you to continue your exploration of plant-based eating. I doubt you can find a topic more worthy of your attention. There is so much to learn about the benefits that arise from ridding your diet of animal products—all of it interesting and of profound importance.