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The best way to become a vegan is to start slow. You need to understand the things that you cannot and start prioritizing things you can give up easily. There is a lot of social pressure, resentment in the family and in close ones. Outings with friends become weird. But stay put since this is the first stage. After a while everyone around you knows and understands that you are a VEGAN. Rest assured they will themselves make special arrangements for you moving forward.

Here are some things to do.

  1. Start saying no to meat
  2. Start replacing your leather products as they wear out with non leather ones
  3. Stop poultry & eggs
  4. Move to soy milk
  5. Replace use of all dairy products like butter, cheese and so on

Being vegan when you believe killing an animal is wrong is a matter of character and not mere a choice you are making. In your heart, if you know these animals deserve better treatment and their freedom, the least you can do is not support the industry that brutalizes them.

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