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The idea is to enable people to make an informed choice, to know what an animal goes through and suffers., and then decide if that suffering is worth the taste or style. Grounds of compassion, good health or whatever it takes to let an animal be the way it was meant to be. Free !!

We have ideas and plans. We want to set up a non interventive farm where all animals can live in their natural habitat. We want to stop industrialization of animals. We want this world to be a little less cruel. Come to think of it, we want what every other individual on this earth wants. A peaceful, happy existence for all. In our definition of all we also include animals. Extend your love beyond race, religion, boundaries and faith. Live and Let Live.

Join us to be a part of our team. We are trying to change the world, one person at a time. If we make a small difference to your life do let us know. It will motivate us and we will up the count by 1. That will give us something to celebrate. Until then !! Make the right choice 🙂

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