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say hello to a new life

Welcome to Vegan India. It is all about the making the right choice. We have made one and are now working on ideas to spread the thought to others. If you have suggestions on how we can send our message better, do write to us

In the meantime stay tuned for more details.

Animals can love, be happy, feel pain & miss their dear ones too

Just because they don't complain doesn't mean they don't hurt

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." - Paul McCartney


How much vegan is too much vegan

Vegan or Vegetarian? which one is better. Well honestly in my opinion what matters is that you start making a change. Things will then follow the right path. If you can’t sustain, go back. But give it a good try. If you can, then motivate others to try as...
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How to progressively become a vegan

The best way to become a vegan is to start slow. You need to understand the things that you cannot and start prioritizing things you can give up easily. There is a lot of social pressure, resentment in the family and in close ones. Outings with friends become...
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What does it mean to be a vegan?

Being Vegan is a demanding thing in todays world. But would you rather be inconvenienced or kill some one for something petty? Would you kill another human to make a belt, a pen, some sports equipment? Would you take a human child away from his/her mother as soon...
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